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This is about the Class A/ B Army Green Uniform


The Class A Army Green dress uniform is a dress uniform worn by members of the US Army; with the coat removed it is known as the Class B uniform. It is being slowly phased out in the Army, replaced by the Army Blue Service Uniform. The Class B is worn by Carver cadets every Wednsday for Inspection and for a grade. Cadets wear the Class A coat on special occasions such as the Military Ball, and sometimes on Fridays for Dress to Impress. The Class B is worn with or without a black necktie issued with it. The tie is worn if the Class A is worn over the Class B. If the Class A is worn over a white dress shirt for something like the Military Ball, then a black bowtie is worn.


The Class A is a deep shade of green known as Army Green, with gold buttons bearing the Seal of the United States of America. The Class B is simply a lighter green dress shirt worn with or without the Class A coat. Both have shoulder flaps for slip on or pin on rank insignias; these are also used for other insignias in the Army on the Class A. It also has a pair of trousers the smae color as the Class A coat, supported by the belt issued with the uniform. Black dress shoes are worn with the uniform and are issued along with the uniform. There is also an Army Green garrison hat issued and some higher ranking soldiers and cadets may recieve the Army Green officer's cap. Black Socks are orn with the uniform, as well as a white undershirt.

For cadet wear regulations, see Wear of the Class A/B Uniform.

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