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These items are in limited supply [or at least most are] and are for sale.

How to Buy

To buy them, simply put a notice on the founder's [BioShockGuy52] talk page and request the item. Then, mail the payment, a stamp and a letter about what you are buying to the address below and it will be sent to your home or to Carver High School if you specify.

Mail to: 3513 Day Road, Walkertown, NC, 27051.


1 excellent condition Army Combat Uniform Patrol Cap: $5.00

WSFCS JROTC Cadet Handbook: $2.00

Army JROTC Patches: $1.50 Each

ROTC Officer Lapel Pins: 50 cents a pair

Army JROTC Leadership Education and Training Textbooks[LET 1, LET 2, and LET 3]: $2.00, $3.00, $4.00

Army JROTC Elective Subjects(Book)[Map Reading and Land Navigation]: $1.50

JROTC Shoulder Rank[Cadet Captain]: $2.50

JROTC Shoulder Rank[Cadet First Lieutenant] $1.50

JROTC Cadet Reference Book[Second Edition]: $1.50

JROTC Cadet Reference Book[Fourth Edition]: $2.00

1 used Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) Coat: $4.00

1 used Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Coat w/Infrared Squares: $7.99

Army JROTC Elective Subjects(Book)[Drill and Ceremonies]: $1.50

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