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This is about Carver's Senior Army Instructor


Lieutenant Colonel Harry Smith is the higest ranking instructor of Carver's JROTC Program and is SAI. Colonel Smith [often addressed simply as "Colonel"] is a war veteran who served in both the Vietnam War and in Operation Desert Storm. He is mild in personality but very friendly when people do as they are supposed to. He is a very good SAI, always addressing the needs of the cadets and the Battalion as a whole. He, like his assistant, the AI; is a stern disciplinarian and does not hesitate to correct people when violations are committed, but also offers constructive criticism. He also commands the Rifle Team. He is often found in his office or performing bus duty.

Description [Detailed]

Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

Position: Senior Army Instructor, Carver High School


Branch of Service: US Army

Conflicts: US conflict with Vietnam; US actions in Iraq in 1991-1992 [Operation Desert Storm]